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Public Sector Call Support

CALLCARE work in partnership with many different areas of the public sector by supporting their communication strategies and ensuring their business continuity.

Several Local Authorities use CALLCARE to help them deliver their services to the local community and provide a duty of care to their staff when they are working alone.

Additionally, CALLCARE support several universities with call handling services such as providing adhoc call support during clearing, so removing the necessity for temporary workers. Through CALLCARE services, they have been able to achieve cost efficiencies whilst also ensuring a high level of client service and personnel safety.

5 ways in which local authorities typically use CALLCARE:

  • To take all calls and field them to the correct department – dedicated 24hr reception and switchboard
  • To act as a customer information line and provide answers to the public’s questions – information hotline
  • To ensure disruptions to telecommunications do not hinder core business practices – business continuity lines
  • To monitor employee safety when off-site or in the office alone – lone worker protection
  • To provide translation telephone services for non-English speakers – translation lines

Always professional and helpful, provide a great service and an experienced team of people to assist in service delivery. Excellent value for money.

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5 benefits of CALLCARE’s services to local authorities:

  • Improved issue resolution as small queries and problems are answered quickly by our professional team
  • Workers feel safe and valued by an employer that cares about their welfare
  • Greater savings on non-core functions and services spend
  • Improved communication and reputation with both national and international stakeholders
  • Less phone disruption and interference to the working day, allowing staff to focus on the job in hand

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