Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) Call Routing

Cloud based IVR to manage your calls.

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The Benefits of CloudCare

  • Route calls through your business

    CloudCare is an easy and effective way to make sure the right calls get to the right people.

  • Time of day routing

    We can alter the options people receive and where their calls go depending on the time of day.

  • Intelligent, skills based routing

    Based on your requirements we can automatically send calls to different teams based on the callers requirements.

Cloud Based IVR - Virtual receptionist
Cloud Based IVR - Virtual receptionist

What is IVR Call Routing?

With our simple cloud based Inbound IVR Platform, we can help to increase staff productivity by allowing callers to select an option and go straight to the operator they need to speak to, and allows us to route calls via specific skill sets or specialisms. For instance, allowing callers to select option ‘1’ for Team A and the call is transferred through to one of our operator’s DDI, but select option ‘2’ for Team B and the call is transferred to another of our specialist operator’s DDI, allowing different calls to be handled in different ways.

The IVR can be configured by time of day routing – calls received during the business day can be answered differently to calls received out of hours. Each option is configurable with a geographic or mobile number. This enables the intelligent routing of calls to one of our operators who will deal with the call, or send the call back to the office best equipped to answer during the business day.

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Supported By Real Operators

If the call is not answered at the office within a specified number of rings, the call can be directed back to our operators to answer the call, providing assurance that every call will be answered. With Inbound Hunt Group Manager, by assembling a call routing tree, we can configure 3 separate time zones to cover the working day, with 6 separate destination DDI’s within each time zone. Each time zone will have a unique greeting uploaded to acknowledge the time of day or selection made.

Cloud Based IVR - Co-Workers having a meeting
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Client Testimonial

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“CALLCARE are always professional and helpful, and provide a great service and an experienced team of people to assist in service delivery. Excellent value for money.”