Emergency Call-Out Services

We can manage your engineer call-out lines and arrange visits for your clients.

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Emergency Response Telephone Answering Service

  • Improve customer service levels

    A managed call-out service means there's always someone available to speak to a client.

  • Create a reputation

    With your phone lines covered, you can become known as a company who gets problems solved quickly.

  • Meet your SLAs

    If your service level agreements require you to maintain a high level of cover, we can help you reach it.

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Emergency Call-Out Services - Smiling virtual receptionist
Emergency Call-Out Services - Smiling virtual receptionist

Meet Your Duty of Care

Organisations are increasingly promising a duty of care to all their clients; a duty of care that often extends to 24/7 service.

CALLCARE can help facilitate these after-sales services through a dedicated 24/7 emergency helpline for customers requiring a direct response to repair and maintenance requests.

All phone lines are manned by our fully trained operators who provide a sympathetic and helpful response to any client emergency and will locate the on call engineer to deal with the situation within your Service Level Agreements.

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Emergency Call-Out Support

With our emergency call-out support, companies currently operating a mobile phone system for around the clock emergency calls can use us to manage all calls they receive. We can separate emergency calls from general calls and escalate, where necessary, to the company representative. No calls go unanswered and messages are sent to you via email.

CALLCARE’s emergency call out service is popular with property maintenance companies who have to fix faults at residential accommodation, elevator engineers who need to quickly respond to people trapped in lifts and any company that has a duty of care to respond to an emergency.
We are committed to helping you provide first time resolutions whenever your clients call to report an incident.

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Client Testimonial

Eyden Locksmiths

“For over a year, CALLCARE has handled our out of hours calls and has done so impeccably.

Due to the nature of our business customers often need an emergency call-out and CALLCARE ensure that this can happen, no matter the time. Outsourcing to CALLCARE gives us peace of mind that our customers are being taken care of, even when we can’t answer the phone.

The team are always available for any last minute updates and are very attentive to our companies needs.

A whole new bespoke system was even put into place to accommodate our specific requirements. A very professional and efficient service, we can see ourselves staying with CALLCARE for a long time.”.