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Telephone Answering Services: The 3 Key Benefits

  • Triage calls more efficiently

    We will help manage your calls so real emergencies can be attended to first.

  • Never miss a business opportunity

    Our 24/7 switchboard keeps phone lines covered at all times and helps you capture more leads.

  • Improved customer service

    Provide better customer journeys when calls are routed to the right people every time.

Use of telephone answering services is becoming a popular choice for companies who cannot handle the volume of incoming calls they receive

It is also useful for businesses where their time would be better spent working on core business activities rather than answering or directing calls. We realise your time is valuable, so any calls from cold callers are quickly eliminated by our team without a fuss.

Every call which is made to your company is answered by CALLCARE in a professional and friendly manner by our team of trained receptionists. Calls are directed to mobiles, where appropriate, or messages are taken, enabling you to maintain a high level of customer service which is sure to impress your clients. Our service is flexible and will be tailored to your exact specifications.

If you’d like more information about CALLCARE’s telephone answering service, get in touch now.

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Tangible Benefits

Your clients will benefit from a professional and efficient service that doesn’t involve answering machines, which callers can find frustrating and pointless. We answer calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring you never miss a business opportunity. With international business also on the increase, answering calls that come from other time zones presents a desirable brand image to overseas companies. This ensures maximum customer satisfaction and it also means that any member of staff working internationally can receive their messages promptly.

Furthermore, using call answering services can remove the need to hire extra or temporary staff to cover your phones in the event of absences, demonstrating the practical and cost effective nature of CALLCARE’s telephone answering services.

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Impact Housing

Impact Housing

Client Testimonial
“CALLCARE are always professional and helpful, and provide a great service and an experienced team of people to assist in service delivery. Excellent value for money.”

Frequently asked questions

Are you FCA regulated?

Yes, we’re one of the few telephone answering outsourcing providers in the UK to be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

How will you keep my business data safe?

We take all necessary precautions to keep your data safe. We’re ICO regulated and GDPR compliant, conforming with the Data Protection Act of 1998. That means we’ll only use your information for the purposes you specify, and you’ll always remain in control of your data.

Do I need special software or equipment to outsource my telephone answering?

No, it’s easy to get started straight away. We can provide you with a new telephone number and take your calls directly, or give you a unique code to divert calls to us during specific trading periods.

Can you provide an out-of-hours call answering service?

Yes, we can take calls for you at our UK call centres 24 hours a day, including bank holidays and weekends, and at no extra cost!

How It Works

  • 1. Initial Enquiry

    1. Initial Enquiry

    Call in and speak to one of our sales team or complete our simple online form.

  • 2. Consultation

    2. Consultation

    After contact has been made we would discuss a suitable package.

  • 3. Quote

    3. Quote

    Provide a quote and send a proposal through, tailored to your requirements.

  • 4. Paperwork

    4. Paperwork

    We then proceed onto the relevant paperwork in order to get your package started.

  • 5. Setup

    5. Setup

    We pass your account onto our scripting team to finalise your account and add your clients' details onto our database and integrate with your CRM where necessary.

  • 6. Go live

    6. Go live

    Your account is reviewed by yourselves and your account manager, tested at our site and then finalised before we go live.

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