Business Continuity Plan

Disaster recovery is vital for any business. Outsourcing is an easy way to keep your business covered

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The Benefits of Disaster Recovery

  • Maintain daily business communication

    Even if you have a phone line failure we will make sure that your clients can still contact your organisation.

  • Protect your brand reputation

    With disaster recovery clients will never know your systems went down, protecting your reputation.

  • Industry compliant

    Many industries and sectors demand businesses have a continuity plan in place. Outsourcing makes it possible.

Some of CALLCARE’s Clients

Liverpool City Council
Interserve Plc
Chorley Council
Slater and Gordon
Gibbs and Dandy
City University London

Keeping You Covered 24/7

Companies are expected to be available to clients at any time and this includes being accessible by phone or email, day and night.

In the event of a disaster, consistent levels of communication are vital. Whether it is a disruption to business continuity, damage to power cables or phone lines, or a catastrophe such as a fire, communication is paramount to maintain business practice or to provide reassurance and security to a concerned stakeholder group.

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Business Continuity Planning

To ensure levels of communication are never threatened, CALLCARE can act as security against any system failure and / or the loss of your phone lines. Should your business operations fail, CALLCARE can instantly take over your calls by seamlessly diverting your phones to our disaster recovery call centre. Your clients will never know that you have suffered a system failure as your calls will be answered by our staff and, in the event of a catastrophe, they will be reassured by your continued communication.

All organisations can benefit from a disaster recovery call handling plan in case of a disaster. CALLCARE’s BCP clients come not just from the public sector, who have a duty of care to their stakeholders, but also from businesses in the private sector who understand that loss of business can result from just a few hours of telephone line failure.

Client Testimonial

Slater and Gordon

“We have worked with CALLCARE for a number of years now and are very satisfied with the approach, processes and professionalism applied to our accounts. Our company, Slater and Gordon, is a leading UK law firm so all our clients we entrust to them, need to receive the same high standard throughout any contact touch points. It needs to be the highest quality, which is what we get with CALLCARE. They are responsible for our out of hours cover and contingency, in times of unexpected volume call. CALLCARE understand the high standards that Slater and Gordon have and are most efficient in delivering well within our strict requirements. I would highly recommend working with them.”