Five ideas to motivate call centre employees thumbnail image Published on 6th September 2017 by Gemma Harding

From the obvious to the more unusual ideas, keeping staff motivated can mean the difference between high results and high staff turnover rates.

According to a report compiled by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), just 35% of employees felt highly motivated by their company’s core purpose. Other studies show a direct correlation between staff turnover and employee engagement, with one finding that businesses scoring low for engagement turned over up to 51% more staff than companies that scored highly.

At CALLCARE we pride ourselves on our spacious and productive surroundings, and understand the impact that a great working environment can have on the staff within. A happy workforce equates to happy customers, after all, and there are many ways call centre managers can keep their staff motivated. Here are five of the most important.

1. Praise good performance in public

Feedback from senior staff members is always important and a primary way of making staff feel valued, engaged and motivated.

A simple ‘thank you’ on a regular basis is often enough to boost morale; however, doing so in public will inspire positive attitudes not just for the individuals being thanked but those observing. Publicising successes within your team also provides employees with a visible route of progression, encouraging others to want to climb the career ladder within your company.

2. Make sure your staff are fully trained

Giving staff the right tools and skills to fulfil their job roles is another motivational must. As a company you’re constantly on the move, whether that means expanding your range of products or services, or launching new marketing campaigns and offers.

Keeping call-centre staff in the loop and ensuring they’re well prepared to handle the calls they receive from customers will provide them with job satisfaction as they’ll know they’re doing a great job.

Hold regular reviews to encourage staff development. Reviews will help you identify skill gaps and particular strengths, and give you the opportunity to support your team.

Asking employees for feedback is also a great way to inspire loyalty. This feedback could even help you improve the service you provide to your customers. After all, the agents dealing with customers every day are certain to know best.

3. Host fancy dress days

Employee dress down or up days are a simple yet effective motivational tool. As well as breaking the monotony that demotivated employees may be experiencing, dressing up will inject that element of fun that is integral to the call centre environment.

Set a theme and be prepared to get silly!

4. Reward hard work

Reward schemes offer excellent opportunities for you to show you care, and staff will appreciate that their achievements are being recognised.

Whether you’re rewarding on the basis of hitting targets or simply commending an act of great customer service, rewards of all shapes and sizes will improve motivation.

5. Encourage team spirit

The sense of community is just one of the reasons so many people choose to work in call centres, but this team spirit doesn’t always come naturally.

There are many steps you can take to lead the way, while boosting morale and performance across your entire team. A team huddle at the beginning of every shift is an effective option that will energise and connect your team on a daily basis. Team away days also provide an ideal environment for your team to bond outside the office.

We motivate our staff at every turn so our customers can enjoy a greater work rate and enhanced productivity. Experience our unique, professional and customer focused way of working by finding out more about our virtual receptionist service today.