6 Tips For a Call Centre Interview thumbnail image Published on 30th November 2017 by Gemma Harding

Interested in getting a job at a call centre? We don’t blame you. Some 4% of the UK’s workforce are employed in call centres, and this figure is only set to grow as the sector continues to go from strength to strength.

In addition to the demand for high quality, customer centric candidates rising, modern day call centre roles go hand-in-hand with a variety of attractive benefits. In most cases, no experience is required to apply, and positions include an excellent array of opportunities for gaining new skills, joining diverse teams and climbing up the career ladder.

With such a range of advantages however, call centre work is in high demand, making impressions at your upcoming interview even more of a priority. Follow our top tips, win over the most difficult interviewers and land the job you want.

Remember practice makes perfect

Practice questions are a great way to gain confidence on the subject. Our recent call centre interview questions blog post is an essential read for those looking to find out more about the most common topic, and more importantly, how they should be answered.

Tailor your interview style

Answering questions in accordance with the needs of the call centre you’re being interviewed for is also important. Be sure to do your research, finding out more about the call centre’s ethos and specialisms. Taking the time to tailor your interview style to the exact needs of the company interviewing you will certainly be appreciated.

Think of scenarios

All interviewers want to hear of instances where you’ve shown your talents or called upon useful skills. Avoid uncomfortable silences when being asked about these scenarios by thinking about your experiences in advance. Pinpoint a selection of examples, concentrating on the qualities and skills expected of a call centre agent, and be ready to recall them at your upcoming interview.

Understand your weaknesses

Everyone has areas that they’d like to improve. Most candidates think that brushing over weaknesses is the way forward during the interview phase, but turning these to your advantage is preferred. Preparation is the key to countering your weaknesses. Before you enter the interview room, review the job specification to identify any areas where your skillset doesn’t quite match up. By understanding these shortcomings, you can plan how best to answer the queries that surround them.

Dress to impress

Whilst most call centres are known for their relaxed work attire, dressing to impress at the interview is important. First impressions count, and whilst most interviewers won’t take a candidate at face value (paying more attention to their experience and attitude rather than their outfit), every little helps when presenting yourself as a professional, proficient prospective employee.

Cover the fundamentals

Your call centre interviewer will have a long list of desirable skills and qualities, and while you may be able to tick the boxes in some areas, forgoing the basics is not an option. Sometimes the simplest approach is the best approach. Concentrate on representing your communication skills (which are vital to the role of any call centre worker), while demonstrating the flexibility, can-do attitude and trainability that is integral to success within the call centre environment.

Finding candidates that are more likely to grow and progress with the company is a priority for all call centres so don’t be afraid to share your hopes for your wider career.

If you’re going to start working in a call centre, it’s important to have a great telephone answering style. Our wider blog is also full of useful tips and advice for existing call centre staff and inspiring call centre workers.